📆 We have been paying the Temporary USPS Holiday Shipping Rate Increase for you free of charge since October 1st and will continue doing so until November 9th, 2022 After that point, this fee will stay in effect until the USPS temporary increase expires January 22, 2023.

📢 Click Here to read the official USPS Temporary Holiday Rate Adjustment Announcement.

🚀 Explain the changes quickly:

We don’t want to raise prices for our services – so we haven’t yet! Despite record inflation, we have found ways to not need to raise our prices. However, we do not get to make the same choice for the United States Postal Service as to what they decide to charge for their shipping services.

We have been paying the latest USPS temporary fee increase for you free of charge but as of November 9th, 2022 until the USPS fee expires on January 22, 2023, we will be passing on this temporary fee with a temporary 5% added charge to all invoices.

We will use this temporary fee to pay for the USPS temporary fees this holiday season. Hopefully, this is the last increase we are forced to deal with this year.

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