How do I place an order?
Easy! Just Register. Once we approve your account, we will contact you with simple ordering instructions that cater to your particular selling platform(s). We also offer blank XShip Order Sheets which can be used to input orders as well.
How do I export sales from my selling platform?
Select your selling platform below. Let us know if you need additional help or if your selling platform is not listed.
Are there any general guidelines for artwork files?
Yes. A resolution of 300 ppi with dimensions of 1000 x 2000 pixels works great; that size, quality, and ratio works very well with many different device shapes and sizes. JPG / JPEG / PNG file types are preferred as well. Please be aware that each device has its own distinct camera and/or fingerprint scanner openings.
Do you have a policy on Copyright?
Yes. Our full policy on copyright can be found in our Terms of Service.
How is my artwork printed onto the cases?
Your picture is imprinted onto the case using a heat dye sublimation process. Images printed on using this method are high-resolution and do not peel or fade! No stickers.
What phone models do you make cases for?
You can interact with a list of our most popular cases by going here: Catalog. If the device you're looking for isn't listed, we may still have cases for that model or may be able to order them. Just Contact Us if you'd like to know more about any devices that aren't listed.
What materials do you offer for phone cases?
We carry a number of different materials for most devices: Durable Hard Plastic Cases, Rubber / Silicone Cases, PU Leather Wallet Cases, Heavy Duty Protective Cases, etc.
What are the PU Leather Wallet Cases?
These wallets surround the phone, flipping open from the front which is where an artwork is printed. Inside there are credit card slots and an interior case that holds the phone. The back of the wallet is sturdy, protects the device, and has an opening for the phone's cameras and/or fingerprint scanners.
What are the Heavy Duty Protective cases like?
These cases have a durable hard shell plastic exterior and a shock absorbing soft rubber / silicone interior for superior phone protection.
How long will it take for my orders to ship?
Tracking numbers are generally provided within 2-3 hours after an order has been placed. Orders are generally produced and shipped within 1 business day.
How long does it take for an order to be delivered once it has shipped?
Generally two - four business days within the United States (domestic) and roughly one - two weeks for international orders.
Do you offer Returns or Refunds?
Yes. We offer our customers the choice of a Money-Back-Guarantee or a Free Product Replacement for any reason for the first 14 days after a product reaches the consumer.
What happens if an incorrect address results in an order getting returned to you?
We will re-ship the order free of charge once the correct address for the customer has been confirmed.
Where should Returns be mailed for Refunds and/or Replacements?
Return Address